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Directionally Challenged

Directionally Challenged.


Finding Balance

Have you ever noticed how once you buy a red Toyota Prius you see red Toyota Priuses everywhere when you never noticed them before? 

A few days ago, I realized I need more balance in my life.   I type 10 to 12 hours a day,    sometimes six days a week.  What I type is not pleasant.  It’s cancer patient medical reports.  Sometimes before my day even begins, I’m wishing it was over.  Right now, I have 3 days’ worth of surgical reports  neededASAP.  I tell myself breathe…deep breath….breathe. 

Somehow and in some way I need to find more in my life…adding more time in other areas of my life for balance.

Since having this realization, I’ve noticed the word ” balance” everywhere.  Everything from books about creating emotional balance to balancing the U.S. budget  to fitness balance  balls!  Do you think maybe the Universe is trying to confirm the idea that I need more balance in my life? 

So when I saw a fitness  balance ball yesterday I bought it.  It’s a workout getting the thing even pumped-up.  Then the fun really begins.   I sat down on the ball and before I knew it, slid right off that sucker and on to the floor!  How did that happen in the blink of an eye?  I’m glad I was in the privacy of my own home.   Lying there like a beached whale, I laughed out loud, before hauling myself back up and once again tried getting on the ball for stretching exercises.  Quicker than sand, it squired right out from under me and once again I was on the floor!  If nothing else, I had a good laugh and a good workout just getting up off the floor umpteen times!

Clearly, there must be a learning curve to mastering the fitness ball just like there is to achieving balance in life.   I’ll give it another try today though.   In the meantime, it has become exquisitely clear to me that I am most definitely in need of BALANCE.

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Thank you,  PiP, Lorin, and Ellen for your warm welcome here at WordPress.   I’m still fumbling my way around and trying to figure things out.  I’ve been on Blogger for years and have encountered a bit of a learning curve here with little time for learning right now.  I’m afraid for now my posts may be frivolous, colorless, and somewhat boring  until I “settle-in” a bit. 

This past weekend has been productive in many ways – mostly “soul-ways.”  Self-discovery is perhaps the most exciting journey of all and that is the journey I am on currently.  It’s not easy to admit to weakness and failure.  It’s even harder to accept responsibility for both.  It is time, however, to take command of my life and use my God-given wits to craft the experiences in life that I choose to experience.

Living by default is living without goals and then blaming others for why life is less than what we wish it to be.  I am the Queen of the Default Name and Blame Game.  Finally, it’s sunk in that the blame for my lack of success with health, fitness, financial goals, and creative expression begins and ends right here, with me and only me.  As long as there is still breath in me, however, I can change the game  – and change my life. 

This blog will be my refuge for writing some of the beautiful thoughts I want to express and for exploring some of the creative ventures I’ve too long postponed.  There are pictures to take.  Paintings to paint.  A novel to finish.  And a world of music, theater, elegance and eloquence yet to explore. 

The time is now.  I am ready. 

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture I took last Christmas in Denver.  It almost looks like a Thomas Kincaid scene, doesn’t it?

MLT Rider

Hello world!

Welcome to the Midlife Train Ride!

I’ve been trapped in a world of business, logic and science for most of my life.   I’m ready to spread my wings and fly – even soar – to the call of my creative muse!

I have a novel half-written and screenplays begging to be written!

I have canvas awaiting the stroke of a brush filled with  the shades and colors of light and life!

I have pictures to take and cards to make,  garments to sew and knitting to finish!

I have dreams untouched and ideas galore. 

And I have friends to cherish and friends to make…

My journey is just beginning and if your soul longs for creative expression, hop aboard my Midlife Train Ride and let’s share our journeys together!

I’m glad to have you aboard —